Aman Askarizadmasouleh (b.1986 Iran) is a Visual Artist and musician based in Helsinki. He obtained his MA in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary art at Aalto University and holds a BA in Architecture. After a few years developing his practice as an architect he began a new approach in the field of contemporary art and photography. He started learning music at the age of 15 and had his first concert in 2010. In Finland he’s had solo and group performances and collaborates with ‘Road Ensemble’, playing Tar and Setar with them since 2017. In 2020 he curated the project An Entry to Iranian Music, an eight-session research based lectures and workshops, in the Museum of Impossible Forms, in Helsinki. He is currently doing research on politics of representations and world music. His recent image-based project Objects of Memory, deals with archival images and old negatives where he investigates the hidden narratives and memory built on the immaterial.


My works usually are in a constant dialogue between lived experience in socio-political contexts, and images, representations and reality. I am interested in the politics of representation and in dismantling the dominant narratives when it comes to the representation of others. Investigating the power relations in human interactions within the society and ethics of confrontation, are central concerns in my artistic practice.

Having a background in documentary photography, soon I noticed the ethical issues in exposing others in the media and the role of international institutions in perpetuating a naturalized gaze. 

In recent years I have tried to experience various mediums, disciplines and spheres. However, working with either music or visual arts, my intention has been to decolonize mind and forms of knowledge production.

Being a musician on stage and a photographer among people have familiarized me with publics and made me interested in ethics and politics of representation.


Aman Askarizad
Photo: Maryam Razavi